Through KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology) we had the joy of experiencing interdisciplinary groupwork with students from other KEA programs.
We were asked to come up with a new way of communicating KBH+ to a broad targetgroup.
KBH+ offers help for vulnerable young people in Copenhagen, but also have cultural experiences for all young people in the agegroup 16-30 years.
As only 1 in 50 of us young people on the project had heard of KBH+ before, and only by name, it was clear to us that no one would go to their webpage (due to lack of publicity) and check out their calendar, which is packed with amazing offers and events for young people.
This is what we came up with:
We created a 3 dimentional calendar installation, which we plan to install on The Red Square on Nørrebro, Copenhagen, which is a place where many young people live, pass by and hang out. The calendar is shaped as a 2.4m tall plus symbol, as this is also part of KBH+ logo.
The plus is built from 40x40cm boxes that each contain a door revealing a plexiglass window. For the days in the month with events there are numbers on the doors, and information about the events can be found behind the door. The numbers and information can be changed to fit each month.
Every month the visual expression of the calendar also changes. The young people who hang out at KBH+ will be free to do graffiti, put flowers on the calendar or fill out empty boxes with things - whatever they can come up with! This way the calendar expresses exactly what KBH+ is and the young people experience added value as they become part of the "CalenderCrew".
Thanks for viewing!
Appreciate if you like it.
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